Delay Repay

We aim to provide the best service possible. Sadly delays do occur from time to time and we understand the frustration and inconvenience this causes. We want to take every opportunity to extend our apologies and compensate you fairly.

Our Customer Promise provides for compensation to customers who are delayed by 15 minutes or longer on their journey - to view please click here. 

To enable us to process your claim for Delay Repay compensation we ask you to complete this form and post it to us within 28 days of the delayed train.

You can claim Delay Repay if one of our trains is late or cancelled and as a result you get to your destination station more than 15 minutes later than scheduled, whether it is our fault or not. Compensation can be in the form of a cheque, National Rail vouchers which you can use to buy any rail ticket, a voucher exchangeable for cash from a Northern Ticket Office, or free tickets across our network, to use when you choose.



Delay of between 15 and 29 minutes:

Compensation of 25% of a single journey or 12.5% of a return journey.

Delay of between 30 and 59 minutes:

Compensation of one single ticket to anywhere on the Northern network. Or 50% of the cost of your single ticket or relevant portion of your return ticket.

Delay of between 60 and 119 minutes:

Compensation of 100% of the cost of your single ticket or the relevant portion of your return ticket, or one return ticket to anywhere on the Northern network.

Delay of 120 minutes or more:

Compensation of two return tickets anywhere on the Northern network, or 100% of the cost of your ticket (single or return). 

Additional terms to note:
If we publish an alternative timetable (for example for engineering works or during prolonged poor weather) we will compensate you based on that.
In the case of season tickets, any compensation will be calculated against the proportional daily cost of the price of the ticket.

We are currently not in a position to offer delay repay compensation for multi-modal travel as we do not control the terms and conditions of these
tickets. We have been in discussions with our client, Rail North Partnership, and they are committed to providing a seamless travel experience to all
passengers between different types of transport and different operators; we will be working closely with them to achieve this. 

Your Legal Rights

The levels of compensation described above relates only to Northern's Delay Repay and compensation policy. It does not in any way limit or exclude your legal right as a consumer under laws such as the Consumer Rights Act 2015.

In accordance with your legal rights as a consumer you may be eligible to a different level of compensation where Northern is at fault in accordance with laws such as the Consumer Rights Act 2015 ( If you are unsure if this applies to your journey or believe that it does apply to your journey please contact our Customer Experience Centre on 0800 200 6060. We always consider each claim made to us on its individual merits.

For more information on the Consumer Rights Act and how it applies to the railway industry please click here:

Apply for Delay Repay:

There are two easy ways to apply for delay repay:

1) Online - Complete and submit your claim online here:

Delay repay online application

2) At your station – we have Delay Repay leaflets in all of our stations - simply pick-up a form from the booking office, fill in your contact names, journey details and your preferred method of payment and send off to our Freepost address.

Automated Delay Repay 

Our new Automated Delay Repay scheme will make a compensation payment to you when you’re delayed for 15 minutes or more without you having to do anything at all. It’s all part of our commitment to compensate you fairly in a timely manner. Click here to find out more. 

One Click Delay Repay 

Our new ‘One click’ delay repay scheme has been created to make the claim process easier for our Season Ticket Holders. You can now use your online delay repay account to claim on your favourite journeys with your saved season ticket, making a claim as simple as one click. Click here to find out more.

Disruption survey 

If you have experienced delays or disruption on our network, we want to hear about it. Please click here to complete a short survey.